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    Buyers and Sellers Save Tens of Thousands $$$ Each Day
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    Technology is making it easy to buy and sell a home on your own
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  • Costs, What Costs?

    It's all FREE, risk nothing, there is no cost to list your home
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Find Homes For Sale Without a Commission
Sell Your Home
What's My Home Worth?
Upgrade to SoloSeller and Enjoy...
Automated Social Media
The listing of your home will appear everywhere! Not just Facebook and Twitter but much further, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Google and so many other social networking sites will feature your home.
Beautiful Videos
As soon as you list a home, we'll create a beautiful video and post it to every corner of the Internet. Your buyers will think you're Spielberg.
Instant Websites
After you list a home, a web site will be created with your property address as the URL and yes even a custom email address. This way everyone will see the full features of your home on a dedicated web site.
Browse All Homes
Browse Homes by State
The Internet has changed travel,
finance and retail...but not real estate.
At least UNTIL NOW!
=For Sale By Owner
=You Pay No Commissions
=You Save 5% of The Cost of Your Home
When you sell your home without help, you significantly reduce costs. Without a real estate agent to pay, you get all the commission from the sale. That means a cost savings of 5-7 percent, depending on where you live. You control who you sell to and how to market your home. Pay no commissions to a real estate agent with houses for sale by owner.
Free listing on brings the world to you
List your home for FREE on LoseTheAgent. When you do, your home is now available to buyers from around the world looking to move into your area. That means you have a large target audience of prospective homebuyers ready to work with you.
Title companies, attorneys,
mortgage brokers, lenders, inspectors
We bring them to your door for your consideration
We bring the professionals to you if you need them. Homes for sale by owner can be easy to manage once you have the right professionals on hand. This includes title companies to close out the transaction when you get an offer. Attorneys are available to help you with the legal process and contracts involved protecting your wishes.
For buyers, FSBO homes are accessible when you choose the right pros to help you with the transaction. We offer guidance with many of your needs. Mortgage lenders and brokers are available to you, many of whom offer outstanding prices at competitive rates. You can become pre-qualified to buy a home fast. We also connect buyers with home inspectors that can verify the value and condition of any home.
Our SoloSeller® suite practically sells your home for you
Choose from our free premium package, which lets you advertise your land or property that’s for sale using a variety of tools all with a streamlined process. Enter your property’s address for our tools to go to work to determine the most competitive price for your home based on recent sales in your area. Once you complete some basic questions, your home gets listed on the website. You can upload photos and videos and share them to social media to help sell your home fast.
You can also upgrade to our SoloSeller® Marketing Package. For a low price, you get access to a larger number of services including a custom, standalone website that provides a full video of your property. It incorporates smart analytics to help sell your home through enhanced marketing. You also get listing flyers to distribute.
Best of all we’re here to hold your hand every step of the way
as in no cost to you,
as in you have nothing to lose
Why Choose to Sell Your Home?
Real estate for sale by owner can be sold just as fast and at the same value (or higher) than what you would sell for with the help of a real estate agent. FSBO homes just need the right marketing methods — that’s where LoseTheAgent comes into place. When you list your for sale by owner home here, you get it into qualified buyers’ hands fast and you can sell for what you think is fair.
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